Our Datacentres

Umbrellar is currently operating three datacentres in New Zealand (two in Christchurch, one in Auckland) and one in Australia (Sydney).

Infrastructure Specifications

Datacentre Overview

Umbrellar's datacentres are designed to a redundant architecture. Mains powers an online UPS systems which has more than 30 minutes of battery life.

All servers, switches and routers are supported by this unit. This ensures that the load is completely isolated from the mains source and is not dependent upon mains power in order to provide uninterrupted power to the datacentre. Diesel generators provide backup units that start automatically should the power fail, and provides power to the UPS, air conditioning systems and internal office systems ensuring continuation of service in the event of an extended power failure.

Umbrellar can also provide geographically diverse disaster recovery and remote site fail-over options to alternate datacentre facilities where required.

Umbrellars datacentres are independently alarmed and monitored via both radio frequency communication and by telephone line as a back up to the Armourguard control centre. A failure of the radio frequency 'poll' is considered to be an alarm. Management is notified immediately of all alarm conditions.


Servers and SAN

All servers are IBM enterprise class systems, including state-of-the-art blade systems, with RAID disk technology to ensure that processors keep running in the event of a disk failure. Umbrellar  has a high availability IBM & HP SAN solutions to support its VPS clusters and Shared Virtual Hosting environment. Servers are housed in lockable 19" rack mount enclosures. The server room itself is a "room within a room" with no external walls. Entry is via a security locked door accessible only via Umbrellar's  customer support department by authorized personnel.

High Availability

Enterprise Virtualisation technology, plus highly available Shared Storage and network infrastructure, means that Umbrellar can offer truly mission critical hosting environment with minimal downtime. Our VPS platform can survive the loss of an entire Datacentre without any interruption to service. Internet Connectivity Internet connectivity is provided by multihomed redundant routers with multiple gigabit connections to the Internet. International bandwidth is provided via diverse connections with BGP routing from all Datacentres to several National and International carriers.

Datacentre Specifications


The following is a chart describing the technical capabilities of each of the datacentres. Each of the facilities has been built for purpose meaning for instance that there is full redundancy in power and cooling.

Description DC1 DC2 DC3 DC5
Location Christchurch, NZ Christchurch, NZ Auckland, NZ Sydney, AUS
Blade servers Y Y Y Y
Rack servers Y Y Y Y
Tier 0 Y X
Tier 1 Y Y Y
Tier 2 X
Tier 3
VMware enterprise plus Y
10 Gbps core
Clustered firewalls
Multi redundant upstream connectivity
Fibre (physically diverse) Y Y Y Y
N+1 air conditioning Y Y Y Y
Online UPS Y N + 1 N + 1 N + 1
Diesel generator Y N + 1 N + 1 N + 1
24x7 facility Y Y Y Y
Swipe card access Y Y Y Y
Customer escorted access Y Y Y Y
VESDA fire detection system Y Y Y Y
Handheld CO2 fire suppression Y Y Y Y
Our Infrastructure
Our Infrastructure