Airpoints for Business

Now your cloud hosting can take you literally into the clouds.

Earn Airpoints Dollars™ when you become an Umbrellar customer.

Umbrellar is proud to be one of the first partners of Airpoints™ for Business, the only dedicated hosting company offering Airpoints Dollars.

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Air New Zealand’s new Airpoints for Business rewards programme is taking off – rewarding small to medium sized businesses with Airpoints Dollars every time an employee travels on Air New Zealand for work, or when the business spends with an Airpoints for Business Partner.

Umbrellar is pleased to be part of the Airpoints for Business Programme. Members can earn Airpoints Dollars on their everyday business spend with us.

For every $200 you spend with us you’ll earn 1 Airpoints Dollar for you business. Not an Airpoints member yet? It’s free to join.

But first you’ll need to be an Umbrellar customer. Browse our products and services find out how we can help your business succeed online. Then we’ll step you through signing up for Airpoints for Business.

More about Airpoints for Business

Joining Airpoints for Business

A business owner or key decision maker within the business can set up an Airpoints for Business Account just by signing in to their online Air New Zealand Account using their personal Airpoints number, and selecting the Airpoints for Business tab.

To complete the sign up validation process, an NZBN number or IRD number will be required.

Once the Account has been set up, employees can be invited to join the company’s Airpoints for Business account.

To join Airpoints for Business, your company must not be a member of the Above & Beyond programme or have an existing corporate agreement with Air New Zealand.

Visit the Air New Zealand website and watch the quick video to find out more about joining Airpoints for Business.

Earning Airpoints Dollars through Airpoints for Business

Every time a member of your Airpoints for Business Account travels for work, your business can earn 20% of the Airpoints Dollar amount that member earned on their flights.

There is no change to the individual’s Airpoints Dollar or Status Points earn. The traveller continues to get the same amount of Airpoints Dollars and Status Points as before, the additional Airpoints Dollars are just a bonus for your business. 

Your business can also earn Airpoints Dollars on business spend at Airpoints for Business partners.

Watch the short video to find out how your business can earn Airpoints Dollars.

Spending Airpoints Dollars from your Airpoints for Business Account

Your business can use the Airpoints Dollars earned into the Airpoints for Business account to purchase flights for a member linked to the Airpoints for Business account, or to transfer Airpoints Dollars to an employee’s personal Airpoints account. 

For more information on spending Airpoints Dollars from the Airpoints for Business account, or on how to manage the Airpoints for Business account, please visit the Air New Zealand website.

Managing your Airpoints for Business Account

To find out how to manage your Airpoints for Business account simply visit the Air New Zealand website and watch the short video.