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Dedicated Servers with consistent performance and maximum security.
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Jason Koning, Director at Aotearoa Web Design

The service and support is the best I have come across and I have dealt with a number of web hosting companies over the years.

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Dedicated servers are more flexible than shared hosting, as customers have full control over the server environment, including choice of operating system and the hardware specifications.

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Umbrellar is an authorised IBM business partner and has standardised on the provisioning of IBM system X series rack mount and blade servers.

Servers can be provisioned in any one of Umbrellar's New Zealand or Australian datacentre locations. (see more information about our datacentres).

Dedicated server hardware rental starts at $295.00 per month plus services. Bespoke customer solutions can be developed including high availability, virtualisation and more.

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What is a dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is an entire server that is used exclusively by you and not shared with anyone else. A dedicated server offers greater flexibility and security over traditional shared hosting or VPS solutions because of isolation. The server hardware is maintained by Umbrellar and hosted in one of our 3 NZ based datacentres. 

Ideal for: Applications with many users all performing simultaneous transactions (e.g. online accounting packages).

What Are The Advantages of a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server provides an isolated environment to host your applications. The server is not shared with anyone else and only you have access to the server. This adds a level of security and reliability that can't be matched by any shared hosting or VPS offering.

 Dedicated servers are an economical option if you require large amounts of disk space or greater performance for your applications. The server hardware and internet connectivity is fully managed by Umbrellar, leaving you to focus on running your business.

How many websites can I host on a dedicated server?

As many as you want - there are no limits on the number of websites you can host on a dedicated server.

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