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Powerful enterprise grade cloud servers with proactive monitoring and support. We architect, deploy, configure and manage your Cloud Server environment to ensure maximum uptime and reliability with fixed monthly pricing.
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Your website or app needs more than just high performance infrastructure. Umbrellar Cloud Hosting couples next generation technology with unparalleled expertise from a team of 90 dedicated engineers, system administrators and support staff. 

We take full responsibility for keeping your server up to date, secure and most importantly online. 


✔ High availability
✔ Multi-site disaster recovery
✔ Dual site SAN replication
✔ Fault tolerant server infrastructure
✔ Flexibility
✔ Reduced capital and operating costs
✔ Managed by Umbrellar's dedicated team of experts. 

To talk to one of our team, fill out the form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. 

Please fill in your details and one of our team will get back to you within 24 hours. Thank You.

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Why Choose Umbrellar Cloud Servers?

Enterprise Grade

By leveraging VMware, Umbrellar offers complex, high-end cloud computing infrastructure – the kind trusted by banks, leading e-commerce sites and more.

99.98% SLA Uptime

We promise 99.98% uptime, no exceptions. That’s because our cloud servers are built on hardware that intelligently hot swaps in the event of failure.

24/7 Support

Call us anytime and speak with a qualified engineer that can help you. “Your call will be answered by a person in less than 20 seconds, 98% of the time”.

Fully Managed

We manage your server, so you can focus on your business. That includes daily backups, OS updates and patching – and 24/7 service for your server.

Cost Effective

Rent just the computing power you need, avoiding the costs of hardware, software and the people needed to keep them running.

Data Sovereignty

Servers are housed in one of our three NZ based data centres designed with a redundant architecture for increased reliability and backup protection.


The Umbrellar platforms offers massive scalability that can grow on demand as your business or requirements grow.

High Availability

Be confident that your websites or applications are consistently accessible – and that your customers are always happy


What is the difference between a VPS and a VM?

Virtual Private Server - A VPS is a virtual server that appears to be a single dedicated server, however instead of the one server instance on a single piece of hardware, a VPS is many "virtual servers", sharing the same resources.

Because of the shared use of resources VPS can be very cost effective, however the trade off is stability and control. Accounts on the same hardware could contend for resources if they were both under load simultaneously, similar to Shared Hosting.

This means that while it might appear to be a cost effective platform for your sites, there is still risk of hardware failure and downtime. VPS are good for fairly simple websites, however unsuitable for heavy load applications. 

Ideal for: Cost effective for websites that aren't business critical e.g. Your business blog.

Virtual Machines -  Virtual Machines (sometimes called a Cloud Server or Virtual Dedicated Server) are virtually indistinguishable from a Dedicated Server for the user. This type of virtualisation is the next evolution in server technology. Using Hypervisor software to allow multiple operating systems to share hardware configured in clusters, creating isolated accounts with effective dedicated resources.

VM's offer the flexibility of VPS but with controlled resources making them much more stable and powerful. Where VPS runs many user accounts on a single server, all sharing the Host Operating System's resources, VM's run on large multiprocessor and cluster installations, with vast resources available providing reliability that can exceed dedicated hardware.

Ideal For: Most Business and E-commerce websites.

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