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How to Protect Search Engine Traffic When Moving to a New Domain

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If you are thinking about changing your domain and moving your website over to a new URL, it’s likely you have a few concerns about the prospect. And for good reason.
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Do You Need SSL Encryption if You Don't Sell Anything on Your Website?

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If you think SSL encryption is needed only for websites that collect relatively sensitive customer information, such as e-commerce sites, e-banking websites and sites that sell their services online, then...
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What is Web Hosting?

Blog Header what is web hosting
If you are new to creating websites, then you might think that the first step to launching a website is building it.
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How to Build Backlinks as a Small Business in 2017

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Backlinks are an important part of improving your websites SEO. But rather than thinking about how to get backlinks, you should really be thinking about how to earn backlinks.
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26 Tips to Kickstart your New Business

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Do you have a great business idea, but you’re not sure how to get it off the ground? Or maybe you’ve already set up shop, but feel like you’re in...
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Page Loading Speed and Website Performance

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People like fast websites.
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How to Choose a Domain Name For Your Blog That Will Stand Out on the Web

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Just like a retail storefront, a catchy domain name is the first thing that attracts a visitor to your blog.
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How To Choose A Blog or Domain Name Which Is Memorable

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Officially a Goldfish has a longer attention span than the average human being. Researchers found the average attention span dropped to 8 seconds, whereas goldfish have an attention span of...
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How and Why to Forward Multiple Domains to Your Primary Website Address

Domain Forward
There’s a reason why some organizations snap up multiple domains for their online operations, many reasons in fact.
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